Released v0.2.0


I've released the post-jam v0.2.0 version. Changelog below.

If you don't know, I'm working on a complete version of this game, with better graphics, original soundtrack, new levels, mechanics and the game story. These changes belongs to the backlog before really starting this work, feedback are appreciated.


  •  Gamepad instructions
  •  Music changing on wrong level
  •  Can't open credits
  •  Prevent player from reloading level while it's already reloading
  •  Block menus inputs during transitions
  •  Fix end game transition bug
  •  Musics without loop
  •  Broken level transition


  •  Press up to interact instead of down
  •  Added ghost jump
  •  Fixed invincibility delay
  •  Disable player inputs until end of transition
  •  Added localization system (you can't change the locale manually yet)
  •  Added portuguese texts (not 100% complete)

Files 33 MB
Mar 27, 2020 33 MB
Mar 27, 2020 32 MB
Mar 27, 2020

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