Under Siege is a strategy game: enemies are raiding and sieging nearby. 

You have no chance agains them. Yet, your people want to fight for their land. Train your units into workers, knights, paladins or archers in order to gather resources and fight for your lands.

This is my entry for #LDJAM #LDJAM50 over the theme: Delay the inevitable.

Development log


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PALADINS!  this was very fun thanks for brining it by!  

Impressive work for a LDJam game! I think this is the hardest category of game to tackle in a gamejam, there are so many variables to balance and tweak, and this is where I want to leave feedback: I think it progresses too fast, I couldn't follow the pace and rage quitted. But at the same time, as I said, I'm impressed - this is such a cool format. I think you should elaborate and make this a bigger game!

very interesting game, I noticed a bug when you reload the page you remain with the workers of past game


Great game! 🏆